Chef Mechelle Thompson on February 9th

Mechelle ThompsonChef Mechelle Thompson is the owner of Just My Truffles. When she started culinary school she had one thing in mind – to tap into the consumers mind, body and soul with her culinary creations. What better way to do so then to create edible art that you can enjoy no matter what your mood is? Chef Mechelle’s mission, to allow the customer to make every truffle their own.

Chef Mechelle uses the finest ingredients to create her masterful truffles. All flavoring oils contain natural ingredients and with a variety of flavors to choose from. Each truffle is hand dipped and hand decorated to not only please the creative taste of the consumer but also the creative eye. Chef Mechelle uses Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Ganaches. Each ganache center is created by Chef Mechelle’s special recipe. With no added preservatives or chemicals, she uses some of the finest chocolate, butter and cream available.

Learn more about all of Chef Mechelle’s fabulous truffles and how she makes them! Also joining us on the February 9th show will be reality star Schatar Sapphira, Star of New TV Series “Eros Emmanuel and Me”.


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