Dr. Levi Harrison on February 16th

Dr. Levi is a man on a mission. His mission and his passion are to get you fit – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. His goal is to enlighten, inspire and empower you to live the healthiest life possible. Dr. Levi is the host of “The Dr. Levi Show” Wednesdays at 10 a.m. PST on LATalkLive.

Dr. Levi is a medical doctor, a surgeon, a personal trainer and author of the book, The Art of Fitness: A Journey to Self Enhancement. He also wants to be Your Fitness Doctor. Each week, he and his guests will have lively, topical, informative discussions about fitness, health and well being, and how you can enhance your life through The Levi Method for healthy living.

“I just want people to be healthy, happy and whole!” says Dr. Levi. According to the doctor, “From a personal standpoint, our souls are longing for healing. We are constantly in search of the mental and emotional freedom that comes from obtaining and maintaining inner peace. Many turn to drugs, alcohol and overeating, which simply do not work. Instead, we must recognize that fitness and health are critical to obtaining the full self-acceptance and happiness we seek.”

“My goal is to help you live the healthiest life possible in every area of your life.” Dr. Levi also focuses on the five core principles for fitness success from his book, The Art of Fitness, i.e., commitment, consistency, diet, exercise, and rest and recovery. With his extensive pedigree, Dr. Levi is undeniably an expert in the area of fitness and health. He earned his Medical Degree at the University of California at Davis School of Medicine. He completed his Orthopedic Surgery Residency in Los Angeles and completed a Fellowship in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery at the internationally- renowned and prestigious Indiana Hand Center in Indianapolis.

Located just outside of Los Angeles in Glendale, his orthopedic practice is a center for excellence which serves a diverse range of clientele, including elite collegiate and professional athletes, celebrities, artists, musicians and civil service personnel, e.g., fire fighters, police officers, armed services personnel, teachers, secretaries.

Dr. Levi does extensive volunteer work with children and enjoys providing care to U.S. veterans, whom he considers “our nation’s true heroes.” As a part of his practice, Dr. Levi offers a wide variety of customized weight loss and training modules to assist patients in attaining their lifestyle and fitness goals.

His “The Art of Fitness” exercise DVD will be released soon. The Art of Fitness – A Journey to Self Enhancement is available at bookstores everywhere, and at http://www.theartoffitnessbook.com, http://www.amazon.com and http://www.bn.com.


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