Kristi Murray of Gunnar & Jakes on March 23rd

Gunnar and JakesFrom Kristi’s Bio: Born & raised in Canton, Ohio. Self-taught cook with tons of inspiration & love from two kids, Gunnar & Jake. Gunnar & Jake’s Gourmet Pickles & Peppers started out of love, inspiration, hope, faith & blessings. Being diagnosed with kidney disease at 16, doctor’s told me I would never have kids & be in kidney failure by the ago of 20. Gunnar was my first miracle, being 6 weeks premature…weighing only 3 lb 4 oz, Jake was my second miracle…weighing only 1 lb 10 oz @ birth, measuring only 13″ long. When doctor’s told me I was in kidney failure after the pregnancies, I was shocked. My beloved, sister, Lori, donated her kidney to save my life. Just as God has a Plan & Purpose for everyone’s life, so is this company…Gunnar & Jake’s Gourmet Pickles & Peppers, LLC.

After my kidney transplant, I was not allowed to have a lot of salt with limited sugar intake. So I decided to create a line of Gourmet Pickled & Specialty items using little sodium & no sugar. Gunnar & Jake’s was born. We specialize in Gourmet Pickled Items…we have a variety of items including Gourmet Dill Pickles, Gourmet Pickled Beets, Gourmet Stuffed Jalapenos, Gourmet Sauerkraut, Gourmet Lemon Cucumber Pickles, & a variety of other delicious pickled items. We sell locally & use only the freshest ingredients. Having a European background & great upbringing…tradition means everything to our family. I’m passing some of the best traditional recipes on to Gunnar & Jake! Gunnar & Jake’s Gourmet Pickles & Peppers
“Don’t Be Fickle…Try A Pickle!”


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